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Biography of Taskin Butt

Taskin Butt




                                            Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya



Taskin Butt has been drawing and painting since she can remember. She works across various mediums such as oils, acrylic, mixed media and has worked with pen/ink.


Her landscapes are a reflection of her external worldly experiences while her abstract works are a reflection of her inner intuitive experiences. She derives her inspiration to paint from everyday life and the beauty and grace of nature around her. She particularly enjoys working with those natural subjects that play with light for example water, sky and flowers. Reflections appear throughout many of her artworks and speak to her of the sparkling and glowing nature of the free spirit and natural life.


Her abstract work expresses her inner life. Her emotions and feelings dictate which colours and shapes are brought onto canvas resulting in multi-layered abstract and figurative images. Through her dynamic use of colours, vibrant paintings take life. Her paintings follow an intensive process.


She considers nature has a lot to offer and believes the power of art increases exponentially when we realize the roles we can play to preserve the spaces in nature and memories that sparked our passion. Such experiences as walking along a beach and hearing the crashing waves against the shoreline or the fresh breeze on a peaceful day or even the excitement of seeing a flower blossom are moments that she feels art allows her to capture and share with others.

When she paints, she follows her inner voice, her intuition flows, playful soulful landscapes merge with multi-meaning abstract. She loves variety and does not follow any specific trend but has created her own distinctive style.

 As she follows her intuition the paint almost paints itself, and her trust in the painting process creates momentum that sustains the entire painting journey. Her work reflects her free spirit, intuitive and spontaneous vibration. It celebrates her love for nature and at the same time expresses her inner experiences through paintings that evoke a sense of serenity and spirituality, influencing the viewer in a positive and healing way as some themes she expresses include freedom, hope, renewal and connection.

Many times she has surprised herself once the painting takes shape. Her recent work is based on the concept of the multiverse  as she explores the idea of other versions of herself existing in parallel branches of reality at the same time. Her new series infuses ancient mythology and heritage with futurism. She links ancient knowledge of civilization and existence with future and its endless possibilities.

Her interviews and artworks are published in international art publications and websites. She  has exhibited globally and locally in her home country Kenya. For more on her exhibitions see the Events page.


Taskin currently works from her own studio in Kileleshwa, Nairobi Kenya. She hopes you enjoy her collections as much as she enjoys creating them.


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