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 'I found your website very easy to navigate, great artworks, would love to see the landscape paintings in person' - Online Website Visitor, 2013


'I like that you paint a diverse range of artworks, lovely online gallery' - Gallery Visitor, 2013


' Love the Lands End & Still Waters painting' -  Exhibition Visitor, 2013


'Let me know when your having your next exhibition' - Previous Exhibition attendee, 2013


' Really liked the black & white still life drawings, would love to see the still life drawings in colour ' -  Exhibition Visitor, 2013


'The abstract pieces were amazing' - Exhibition Visitor ,2013


'Loved looking through the whole online gallery, I'll be visiting your next exhibition' - Online Gallery Visitor, 2014


'Congrats on a great website, gallery & art' - Website Visitor 2014


'Beautiful gallery, very nice landscapes' - Website Visitor & Businessman, 2014


'My favourites are the 'Life is a Maze I & II' - Exhibition Visitor, 2014


'Lovely pieces, keep up the good work ' - Gallery Owner, 2014


'Love your style and use of colour' - Fellow Artist, 2015


'My favourites are the Abstracts' - Exhibition Visitor 2015


'Start teaching your methods' - Website Visitor 2015


'The landscapes make me dream' - Restaurant Manager 2015


'The Landscapes take me to another world' - Restaurant Manager, 2015


'Your work makes me want to stop and stare' - Hotel Manager 2016

'I was happy with the golf commission art pieces you did, thank you' - Art Buyer 2016

'It was great to see the art videos on your landing page'  -  Website Visitor 2017

'I am so thrilled I purchased the painting you exhibited in the group show' - Art Buyer 2017

'Thank you for sharing your art with the world, I am happy I bought a piece' - Exhibition Visitor and Art Buyer 2019

'I love seeing the Sunset painting on my wall' - Art Buyer 2020

'We look forward to sharing more of your work with the world' - Gallery Owner 2020


'My favorites are your Landscape Collection' - Exhibition Visitor 2021

'We are pleased to let you know you can be represented internationally by our Gallery and have your work exhibited in our upcoming exhibitions' - Gallery Owner 2021

'I am enjoying seeing the Sunrise painting on my wall' - Art Buyer 2022

'I was delighted when I saw your artwork through an online ad , shall get in touch to purchase' - Website Visitor 2022


'With great pleasure, I visited your website and I enjoyed your work, we would like to represent your work in our gallery' - Website Visitor and Gallery Owner 2022


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