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Frequently Asked Questions...



How long will it take for the painting to arrive to me ?
Original Paintings and Fine Art Prints take 1 - 3 days within Kenya and take between 1 week to 30 days to arrive to destination outside Kenya. 



What are the shipping costs for delivery?


The cost of original paintings, fine art prints and gifts varies according to Location. See the Shipping and Delivery Page for more details on your specific location.


Are the prices of paintings negotiable?


A 10 % reduction is given on arabic and floral art pieces, however the landscape, abstract and still life art prices are fixed.


Do you ship and deliver worldwide?


Yes. We deliver to most destinations accross the world. See the full details in Delivery Page.




 Once I receive my oil painting,how do I keep it clean or maintained?


All original landscape, floral and abstract artwork pieces on this website are made with oil. Oil paintings are a sensitive media and more vulnerable to dust especially  since they are not covered in glass. In all cases DO NOT USE  water, paint thinner, alcohol, or any abrasive force.


Use these steps to keep your oil painting in perfect condition!

1. Use soft brushes - never use a hard brush to remove dirt, while dusting make sure not to flex the canvas or bump it.Avoid dusting loose flaking paint as this can damage it completely.

2. Dont forget the back of the painting - brush the back of the painting by first removing from frame. You can use a cover on the back of the painting to prevent accumulation of dust.

4. Stop bacterial growth - a new painting especially oil, has a chance of high build up of dirt, smoke, bacterial or fungal growth. MakE sure that the paint is not showing any cracks or flakes then, cautiously dust the surface with a baby toothbrush. If the painting starts accumulating moisture over time its time to take it to experts.

Expert and professional art work conservators and restorers are available online. Here are some useful links :


5.Avoid extra decoration, prolonged light and moisture - do not place live plants around oil paintings as these can invite pests and insects that can stain the painting and damage frames. Prolonged exposure to direct light and also moisture deteriorates oil paintings very quickly.


6. Consult experts - experts help in cleaning and refurbishing any painting covered in dust or that has yellowish varnish. Make sure to consult an expert if there is high amounts of dust and yellowish varnish appearing over paintings.

Follow these steps and  you will be able to enjoy the original oil painting for generations to come

How do I maintain canvas prints and pencil or pen artworks?



Canvas prints can be easily dusted with a soft brush or cotton swab in soft light motions. Avoid poking, bumping or pressing onto the canvas as this can damage the print. Pencil and penworks are also very vulnerable to dust and particles. Avoid live plants near these artworks as they attract insects and pests, avoid exposure to moisture and wetness & extreme light. Use a soft brush to lightly dust off any particles and dirt of the artwork. For expert advice consult an 'art conservator' or art ' restorer' near you!

What is your Returns Policy?

What do I do if I want to return a piece of artwork?


We will try our level best to ensure that you do not have to return your valued piece of art!

If you do, please return it within 30 days of the order date and we will refund you fully for the purchase price, although we do not refund the outgoing shipping charges unless due to a fault or defect in the quality of the item.


To return the item, please try to package it in the packaging material provided on delivery or any other strong packaging material with the return address clearly visible. For safety, please label the item- FRAGILE! HANDLE WITH CARE!....Our returns address is : Mazeras Road, P.O.Box 58171   - 00200 Nairobi Kenya.

Since this is fragile delicate pieces of artwork, we advise to use a courier service in your country for return that offers tracking to ensure tracking and avoid the item getting lost.


We are committed to offering you the best service and rely on most of our orders from referrals. If a product is damaged when you receive it, please contact us directly. Also do remember to preview your artwork choice or designs carefully prior to placing your order to avoid disappointment when it arrives.




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