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Design and Delivery



We offer three options for you :

Original Artworks

Digital prints

Canvas prints

Some original paintings comes professionally framed while others are unframed.

All original paintings are shipped directly from Nairobi, Kenya. Original prices of artwork are not included in shipping costs.


Every piece of original artwork  is produced from Nairobi, Kenya and is treated individually with you in mind and handmade and crafted by our professional and very dedicated team.

Our canvas prints are available in various sizes and dimensions ranging from glossy, mattee and even semi- mattee finish with a host of framing options available from walnut to brow, gold and silver to blue and red frames.


All artwork from the paint used in the paintings to the printing material used to produce the canvas prints is all designed and created using the highest quality professional material.Paintings on this website are displayed and photographed as accurately as possible. 


We aim to provide the best value and quality at an affordable price to meet every budget.


Most originals already shown on this website are created from high quality wooden stretched bar and 100 % cotton primed canvas, the ideal combination for both original paintings for your wall or canvas printing.

All original artwork has the signature of the artist on the front of the painting.


We can custom make an order specific to your needs including the size, framing and matting options.

Our limited edition range will come framed with a 'certificate of authenticity'.


       Canvas Print Sizes & Prices


30x30cm (12″x12″) Kshs.4,500

70x30cm (28″x12″) Kshs.5,600

90x50cm (36″x20″)Kshs.7,000

40x30cm (12″x16″)Kshs.4,600

70x40cm (28″x16″)Kshs.6,300

90x60cm (36″x24″)Kshs.7,800

40x40cm (16″x16″)Kshs.5,500

70x50cm (28″x20″)Kshs.6,800

90x90cm (36″x36″)Kshs.9,800

50x30cm (20″x12″)Kshs.6,500

70x60cm (28″x24″)Kshs.7,000

100x30cm (40″x12″)Kshs.6,500

50x40cm (20″x16″)Kshs.6,800

80x30cm (32″x12″)Kshs.5,600

100x40cm (40″x16″)Kshs.7,000

50x50cm (20″x20″)Kshs.7,300

80x40cm (32″x16″)Kshs.5,800

100x50cm (40″x20″)Kshs.7,800

60x30cm (24″x12″)Kshs.6,600

80x50cm (32″x20″)Kshs.6,000

100x60cm (40″x24″)Kshs.8,400

60x40cm (24″x16″)Kshs.6,800

80x60cm (32″x24″)Kshs.6,500

110x50cm (44″x20″)Kshs.9,800

60x50cm (24″x20″)Kshs.7,300

90x30cm (36″x12″)Kshs.5,800

110x60cm (44″x24″)Kshs.10,000

60x60cm (24″x24″)Kshs.7,800

90x40cm (36″x16″)Kshs.6,000

120x80cm (48″x32″)Kshs.12,300

All framed prints and canvas prints are shipped directly from the production facility in North Carolina, USA and shipped 3 days after the order is placed, arriving professionally packaged to the delivery address one week to 10 days after production.


Payment options : Our preferred method for international orders is PayPal/Bank Transfer.

We are  accepting Local Kenyan M-PESA payment method however currently not accepting cash due to the Covid- Pandemic con tactless service delivery.If you prefer cheque, that is acceptable  for local orders.


Packaging : is done with the greatest care and in secure custom boxes, to fit the size of the painting. We take great care and oversee the entire delivery process, however in case there is any defect or damage during delivery and transit a full refund is granted.We can be contacted in case of any query regarding the shipping or delivery.


Your satisfaction is our priority.


Our 100 % Money Back Guarantee


We are totally committed to customer satisfaction and want your 'Brush & Strokes' experience to be a positive one.


If you are not completely satisfied with your order for any reason, you can return it within 30 days of the order date. As soon as it arrives, we will issue you a refund for the entire purchase price.


Please note: Brush & Strokes does not reimburse the outgoing or return shipping charges unless the return is due to a fault or defect in the quality of the item. We are committed to offering you the best service and rely on most of our orders from referrals. If a product is damaged when you receive it, please contact us directly. Also do remember to preview your artwork choice or designs carefully prior to placing your order to avoid disappointment when it arrives.





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